Saturday, September 26, 2015

Childhood Memories include Pets

Being a child is such a comfortable feeling where you can do anything that you want under the heat of the sun. When you make mistakes you will not be judged, when you stumble your mother will always pick you up and will quickly get the first aid kit, when you want something, you just do whatever you think is good and you get the reward immediately. Funny how things drastically changed once you age at each passing year. Things become complicated and people start to demand a lot from you.

The moment I entered my adolescence stage, I become very attached with dogs. I always ask for a dog during my birthdays but my parents would not allow me to take good care of one. Every morning I would always walk in the park and play with my dog friends. Being surrounded by dogs excites me and make me feel at ease. During my secondary education, I decided to get veterinary course which again is opposed by my parents. I pursue my studies in business management because that is the line of expertise in our family. After my studies, I become independent and later I decided to put up my own pet shop business. My passion for dogs and different kind of animals came to reality and I was very happy about my achievement.

People come to notice the unique breeds of dogs in my shop that they started to market to their friends and family through the power of mouth. My shop is completely equipped with different stuff every pet owners need. This is the only shop in town that has hundreds of dog breeds & more recorded each day.

With such a large number of breeds to choose from, I always tell my customers to narrow down their choices by educating their self on each breeds personality type and finding which breed fits their family best. Many characteristics are need to be consider like the size, fur, activity level, genetic issues, etc. with this in mind, they would always come back to pick their best choice.

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